No Hope For A Blind Man

I often wonder how you are doing and who youre with. I sit in my room wishing you knew how sorry i am. You’ll never understand my motives and to be honest i dont expect you to. But I hope with all my heart you still remember me, the good,the bad, i just hope you remember. Its been so long, youre practically a stranger but dam, dont forget the good

Im gathering my thoughts
Swimming in remorse
Im gaining nothing and losing everything
Paint me a picture and take it away
I want to see the world in a new light
These greyscale lenses are getting old
Teach me how to be free
Teach me how to be

People are scum, that is all.
Where are all the kind and selfless ?

I give up.
Everything is weighing me down
I cant catch a break
I know life isnt easy
But these things weighing me down, shouldnt be here

Fuck you


Hugo Silva
Nothing better than the sound of the ocean
Hot beaners playing pool. @designed_in_mind
#tbt with these basic yellows