No Hope For A Blind Man

Theres a ghost inside my head
Constantly reminding me that im as good as dead

Your body is a work of art and its nothing to be ashamed of. I dont get why people get shunned for showing what they have off. If you want to post revealing pics of yourself do it, its your body and you can do what you want with it. Fuck the people who think they can judge you for it. Deep down theyre just jealous that they dont have guts like you


I’m nasty as a Scorpio but I’m a lucky libra
Sometimes I enjoy getting mail. #punch #deathwish

Me, procrastination and deadlines

I dont know whether to love you or hate you
To leave you or date you
I dont know if i should try harder or give up
These mixed signals are giving me mixed results
Im desperately trying to figure out whats up and whats down
In a whirlwind of emotions, stuck like a fish out of the ocean
Send me a message and help me get my head straight
I cant do this on my own, i dont know if i could ever be alone
So i guess you see my dilemma
Its hard letting go to your only sense of security
Youre my only shelter from the cold
The one thing keeping me from getting old
Lend me a hand and maybe ill lend you my hand
Keep me alive and ill keep you by my side

Im at a point in my life where im actually ready for a girlfriend. But with that being said i doubt ill find one

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